Zillion Zeutron Beyblade (Reviews & Guide)

The Zillion I.W. Zeus also known as Zillion Zeutron is a Stamina Type Beyblade Burst Energy Layer released in Japan on September 17, 2016, for 1404円 as part of the B-59 Booster Set. It has an attack stat of 1 and a defense stat of 2. The Zillion I.W. Zeus features two wing-like protrusions on either side of its face that can be used to counterattack against opponents if they are caught off guard and hit by it at high speeds.

Zillion Zeutron Beyblade

 Features of Zillion Zeutron:

1. Energy Layers:

Zillion Zeutron of Takara Tomy consists of stamina type energy layers with 2 (two) ellipsoidal “Z” and 2 (two) faces on both sides. The Z’s shape represents the name of God of Thunder Zeus according to Greek Mythology.

Centrifugal force causes metal balls to move farther away from the center of a layer’s tracks, which increases the Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) or Flywheel Effect. However, it doesn’t really matter in practice because you can barely feel their weight as they bounce off your ride for such an infinitesimal distance before coming back again.

The verge’s 6 (six) blades are configured congruously; 4 (four) of them are sloped. As a result, half the time, these pointed edges will make contact to pierce through your opponent’s Layer!

The Zillion Zeus has a large blade that is heavy and elliptical in shape. The weight distribution, combined with this design, cause the blades to have high Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) for Stamina retention and burst resistance compared to most other blades on the market today.

2. Infinity type forge disk

Infinity is a heavy, sharp-edged, and round design meant to emulate the look of a Mobius strip. Like Ring, it has almost all its weight concentrated on one side, creating high OWD for stamina combinations while retaining life after death by imitating nature with a curve that allows some flex when thrown into the battle or other situations where precision matters most.

Infinities feature both pronounced curves and flat surfaces that give off different vibes depending upon what you’re going for in terms of your throwing style.

The function of a Forge disk rests primarily in its Defense and Stamina.

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the exact role that this type of Beyblade plays. It can’t help you attack your opponent. Still, it can help defend against attacks, and it helps regulate stamina, which is good for both you and your opponent because if either side gets too exhausted, they might forfeit their match even if they were way ahead before.

4. Performance Tip- Weight Type:

The weight type tip of this blade is a metal ball with a plastic coating. The tip and ridge create an outer envelope for the core, akin to Metal Fight Beyblades’ performance-enhanced tips!

Metal Ball is a new type of soccer ball that was just introduced to the market. Unlike other balls, it has an all-metal tip that helps decrease friction with stadium flooring and improves stability by lowering center-of balance and providing life after death. In addition, its plastic ridge gives you perfect catching mechanics, so your shots will always go where they are aimed!

The low, plastic ridges on the Beyblade make it easy to contact the stadium floor and drain stamina.

Beys have a shape that is semi-aggressive at launch, causing it to get close towards Tornado Ridge if launched hard enough, but this is not weak point because there’s also metal ranging from high friction, which slows down bey rotation when spinning against another blade or surface while staying locked into place due to other factors such as weight distribution, etc., all these make knocking out very difficult even more complicated but possible.

5. Multi-colored Design:

One benefit of having a Beyblade with a multi-colored design is that it will never have a dull or repetitive look. This type of design can create for an interesting and engaging spinning experience. Another advantage to the multi-colored design is that more design possibilities are available, thus creating endless possibilites for different personalized looks. The variety of color selection often leads to the individual feeling connected to their toy because they used their choice and creativity in their designs and can express themselves through them.

What type is Zillion Zeus beyblade?

Zillion Zeus is a stamina type bey. This type is generally used for defense and combinations.

If you’re looking for a premier Stamina Type Beyblade, then the Zeus Beyblade is the way to go.

This framework is all about endurance – it can be easily pushed into being an upper attack type but has many holes which allow it to be knocked out by lower attacking styles. For this reason, it’s easy to land on its spiked base and keep spinning while also being able to survive through hit out of other sectors primarily due in part to the spike base.

Final Words:

The Zillion Zeutron Beyblade is the perfect gift for children who love to play with spinning tops. With a set of six, your child can create an action-packed game that they will enjoy playing over and over again! So if you are looking for a holiday or birthday present this year, consider giving them one of these bey-spinning toys. It’s sure to provide hours of entertainment while also teaching them how science works in their everyday lives! What do you think? Is this something you would like to purchase as well? Let us know what you want by contacting our customer service team today.

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