What Are Fake Beyblades? Counterfeit Beyblades

Have you ever heard of Beyblades? They are a pretty cool toy that kids love. This blog post will explain all there is to know about fake Beyblades and why they’re not as good as the real ones! So come along with me on this journey, and let’s learn all about fake Beyblades together!

What are fake Beyblades:

Fake Beyblades are toys that look like the original Beyblade. Still, they aren’t made by Takara Tomy or other companies like Hasbro or Sonokon, etc. They’re also called unlicensed or bootlegs, and they have a variety of names depending on where you live.  So the first thing to know is what type you have, so you can find other people to trade with online!

Fake Beyblades come in all shapes and sizes too, so it’s easy for someone who loves collecting them to get lost in all the different types. This blog post will show you some famous brands as well as tell you how to spot fakes from the originals- enjoy!

Why are they bad for you?

There are many cons to fake Beyblades. Though some people like them, some don’t. It will also depend on what you like, the Beyblade itself, or the fact that it is fake. By this time, most people think of them as toys, not a real competition. If you only think to buy a Beyblade as a toy, no matter whether it is fake or real.

Unlike what most people think, the cons of fake Beyblades is that they’re not the same as the real ones. They usually have broken parts, which don’t seem to fit in well with your Beyblade. Also, they are not as durable as the real ones, so whenever you let them roll on the floor, there is a possibility for one to break.

If you think your fake one broke, you can’t replace it with a real Beyblade because there isn’t an upgrade part that we could use. It is tough to tell the difference between fake and real ones. Some look exactly like the real ones in terms of material and quality. If you have a very expensive Beyblade, it is better not to let your kids play with them, or if ever they do, make sure to check if they’re safe and you know all the parts your kid is using.

There are also risks in buying fake Beyblades. The one with the most risk is your money because your money can get wasted when you buy fake ones that cannot be used for real competition. You will have a hard time finding parts for your fake Beyblade too, so if ever one broke down, you won’t be able to do anything with it. You can’t even give it away because no one will want the broken parts.

To sum up everything in just one sentence, fake Beyblades are toys for your kids to play with so they won’t get bored. They should not be used for real competition because they’re not as durable as the real ones and can’t be upgraded. They’re also dangerous for kids to use because, although they are made of plastic, they can still break, or your kid can get hurt. And lastly, they are a waste of money because no matter how cheap they are, you waste your money and still don’t own the item when one breaks.

With all these risks and cons of fake Beyblades, you still have to consider if they’re bad for your health or not. If one broke, the pieces are sharp, so there are chances that the pieces can go to your eye, throat, or other parts of your body when you’re using it. You might also get hurt if somebody accidentally stepped on the pieces when they fell. And lastly, you can get very bored with fake ones because no matter how much you play with them, they can’t be used for your real competitions.

 How to spot a fake beyblade?

Before you jump into the realm of owning a Beyblade, you MUST know how to tell if yours is real or fake.

Here are some hints and tips!

  • First of all, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don’t be fooled by a “rare” product. A lot of the time, this is just because it’s rare in your area.
  • Beware of knock-offs. “Beyblade Burst” is a trendy name, so there will be many fakes trying to scam you.
  • Real Beyblades do not usually come in a plastic bag unless it’s the original packaging.
  • The original packaging does not come with trading cards.
  • Beyblades CANNOT go at ultra-high speeds, break the sound barrier, or have special powers.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Look for differences in the weight. The best way to know if it’s real is by finding the differences in the material, paint job, and feel of each side.
  • There is usually a sticker on the bottom. If it’s not there, it’s probably fake (but, again, not always!).
  • There may be inaccuracies in the spinning wheel. However, there are rare cases that this is intentional for design purposes.
  • The metal on a real Beyblade is shiny and smooth (if you can find the differences in the material, paint job, and feel of each side).
  • The stickers are kind of shiny, and the colors are bright.
  • There will be slight scratches on a real Beyblade, but they will not affect the performance.
  • The weight of the Beyblade will feel more substantial.
  • Original Beyblades may or may not come with a warranty. If they do come with one, the warranty card will be packed in the original packaging.
  • There is no availability for parts on the original Beyblade.
  • Most real Beyblades are made of metal, but this is not always true.
  • The spin track may have a sticker on the outside.
  • Real Beyblades will not affect other nearby electronic devices.

Final Words:

Fake Beyblades are toys that resemble the popular toy, Beyblade. The fake Beyblades are made of plastic and do not require any assembly. They can come in many different colors and shapes, with some having stickers for decoration or features like LED lights. Though they may look similar to real Beyblades, these imitation products will never last as long because they lack metal parts which eventually rust if exposed to water often enough. It’s best to stick with a high-quality original product instead of investing your time into something cheap!



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