Types of Beyblade Launchers

Do you know what a Beyblade launcher is? It’s basically the thing that launches your Beyblade into battle against other people’s Beyblades. There are many different kinds of launchers, each one with its unique perks and pitfalls. For example, some launchers can’t launch a very heavy-weighted blade because they’re not designed for it! Others have been known to break easily if used too much or too hard. Here I’ll go over the three most common types of Beyblade launchers so you know which one will best suit your needs!

types of beyblade launchers

Different Types of Beyblade Launchers:

Depending on the direction of spinning, Beyblade launchers are categorized into three types:

1. Right Spin Launchers:

Right-spin launchers spin Beyblades in the right direction. (hence the name).

It is a type of battle where players throw their Beyblade top at their opponent’s base. The goal is to score points by making the opposing player’s top bounce out of bounds or demolish any of its four supports designed to hold it up on the launching rod during gameplay.

2. Left Spin Launchers:

A left-spin Beyblade launcher has one significant difference compared to the standard right-spin plastic launchers. It also launches your bey if it doesn’t spin or is about to stop spinning, but it will launch off in the opposite direction that the blade was spinning.

So what’s so great about this? It’s automatic! You don’t have to try and hit the spinner with your top anymore, making this a much more fun game than ever before. Try out these awesome left-spin launchers today!

3. Left-Right Spin Launchers:

Left-Right Spin Beyblade Launchers are contraptions that wield power to rotate a Beyblade in either direction. They’re an effective weapon for Round 2 because they can equalize the advantage of spinning earlier by flipping it around and having both sides facing your opponent. The Beyblade will then smash into the other player’s low-level Beyblades from different angles, which can destabilize them or knock them out of balance for their launcher to finish off.

Depending on releasing systems of Beyblade, launchers are categorized into three types:

1. Ripcord Launchers

A ripcord is the propulsion mechanism on a Beyblade. The ripcord launcher is built to produce power by pulling the cord back and releasing the spinning top.

Ripcords are typically made of thin plastic so they can stretch. They also have finger loops on one end, so you don’t lose them when they get twisted up in your fingers. Many children can use ripcords without any safety problems because it only provides bursts of energy, not continuous energy from a battery or electric plug. Children may still want to avoid being at eye level with a moving blade because it’s sharp and could hurt them if it came close enough, but that would be true for all blades in this category- even ones without spin.

2. String Type Beyblade Launchers

A string launcher is a type of spinning weapon that is most commonly used on Beyblade.

A string launcher can help launch and attack the opponent or spin and increase control and balance on a Beyblade. However, the distance the Beyblade travels relies more on how hard you pull back before releasing rather than how much power you put into it when you let go.

3. Digital Launchers:

A digital launcher is a toy launcher that fires spinning disks at opponents, gears, and mechanisms to enable any digital figures to launch projectiles.

It is one of the most advantageous features; it has an incredible power to produce, which you can control. You use your thumb or fingers to press down on the trigger-style and launch the metal racer up into powerful speeds for crazy long distances, unlike the spinning bogie.

Based on design launchers are classified in two types:

1. Burst Type Beyblade Launchers:

Beyblade Burst Launchers are used with the newest series of Beyblade Burst, and they’re compatible only with Beyblades from that series.

They burst with power and can change the trajectory of your spin. To unleash for maximum strength, make full contact with the surface, aiming up high as you catch it, and flip back down at close to the correct angles with a smooth forward or sideways motion.

These Beyblades have a lot more power than other types because they can launch their attack without you touching them or even throwing them, allowing you free time to strategize. They’re handy for characters with low stamina and cannot stand being up in front of the other player to get hit directly with their attack. Beyblade Burst Launchers are great for attacking parts that can’t be attacked easily or blowing away energy blades that get close enough to you while you charge up your next move. No matter what strategy character is utilized, having a good launcher is crucial.

2. Metal Launchers:

Metal Beyblades are the most potent and powerful form of this toy. They require a level of skill and timing that other forms do not, but they offer incredible rewards for those who dedicate themselves to them. In addition, the launchers themselves require metallic Beyblades, which you should spend some time getting familiar with before attacking opponents with them.

Final Words:

The Beyblade Launcher is the most vital part of any beyblading experience. There are different types, so it may take some experimentation to find which one suits your style and skill level best. Have you tried any of these launchers? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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