Sword Valtryek V5 Blitz Power-H BeyBlade

Beyblade is a toy that has become very popular over the years. The game involves two players who fight each other using their Beyblades. Each player uses their blade to attack the opponent’s blade. If the attacker manages to cut through the opponent’s armor, he or she wins.

“It costs $50 to start playing,” said Chris, a Beyblade fan from New York City. “You can also spend thousands of dollars on upgrades.”

The first Beyblade was released in 1999; more than 1 million Beyblades are sold worldwide. The original Beyblade was made by Takara Tomy Co., Ltd. Today I will introduce you to Sword Valtryek V5 Blitz Power-H Beyblade. Let’s start…

What is Sword Valtryek Beyblade?

Sword Valtryek is an attack-type Beyblade toy, first released in Western by Hasbro as part of Burst System and the Hyper-Sphere System. The game’s objective is to knock out opponents by spinning the wheel and throwing a spinning top with one hand, usually called “blade spin.”

It consists of a metal ball bearing attached to an outer ring with two poles and two hooks. Two small metal discs on either side of the central pole also give weight, making it more stable when thrown.

In order to throw your blade effectively, you need to keep the pole level with your target while simultaneously pushing down on the disc on either side of your body and rotating them outward in opposite directions so they can connect with your opponent’s blade.

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Key Features:

Battling Top

The Competitive Burst Top is the highest quality, most potent, most exciting, and most fun-to-play Beyblades available. The newest top features the legendary Hypersphere attack, allowing for the most impressive feats of skill and speed. There’s also a new type of rising and spin, the HyperRise, which lets you perform even more special attacks!

Climb and Attack

Climbing up vertical walls is no problem with these hypersphere tips. These performance tips are the ultimate climbing tools with a specially-shaped end that allows you to climb the sides of walls like a real Beyblade. In addition, it comes with special clips that will enable them to attach to the bottom of your Beyblade, which will hold them in place until you need them. Once you’ve reached your destination, simply pull out your hyperbolic paraboloid tips and use the Beyblade Burst hypersphere stadium. It’s an instant battle arena!

Drop into victory

With hypersphere, you can choose from 9 different modes of battle. These include 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and team modes. Choose the team you want to play against and get ready to drop in with your hypersphere to battle for victory.

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Sword Valtryek Beyblade At a Glance
Name of Beyblade Sword Valtryek V5 Blitz Power H
Type Attack
Spin Direction Right Spin
System Hypersphere System
Series Beyblade Burst Rise
GT Chip Valtryek V5
Layer Base Sword
Forge Disk Blitz-Hasbro
Performance Tip Power H


Final Words:

This was the most popular Beyblade in the United States for a brief period of time. Its attack type is Burst System, and it is known for its great combination of power and performance. The best part about this Beyblade is that it’s cheap. It has an attack speed of 0.56 seconds, which means you can easily control it with your hand.

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