How to Make a Good Beyblade Combo!

In this article, I will talk about how to make a good Beyblade combo. What does it mean for a Beyblade combo to be good? It is determined by two factors: power and control. In other words, making a good Beyblade combo requires that you have the right parts that give your diorama more power and/or more control. I will talk about how to choose the parts for your Beyblade combo later in the article. For now, let’s say that making a good Beyblade combo means having lots of power and/or control.

Tips on How to Make Beyblade Combo

I’ll start with power. Actually, I’ll divide this section into two sections: speed and attack.

Speed is about how fast your Beyblade combo goes. So how do we determine if a Beyblade has lots of speed? Well, it’s simple: you need to know the speeds of the tracks and wheels. To find out their speeds, I suggest that you google them. After typing the name of the part into the search bar, hit enter. It will bring up the Beywiki page of that part. Underneath its picture, you will find all sorts of helpful information about the part. One piece of information is speed. Another thing you can get from there is some combos that feature this particular part.

The attack is about how strong your Beyblade combo’s attack is. The way to determine a Beyblade combo’s attacks is similar to determining if a Beyblade combo has lots of speed: you need to know the tip and blade bases’ attacks. To find out their attacks, I suggest that you google them as well. Just type in “attack” after the name of the part you are interested in, and hit enter. Leave out the “Beyblade” part. The same Beywiki page for that part will come up, and once again, you can access some combos featuring this particular part.

These three parts ( tracks, wheels and tip/blade bases ) determine how fast, strong and agile your Beyblade combo is. To make a good Beyblade combo, you need to have fast, strong, and agile parts.

What about control? How do we determine if a Beyblade has lots of control? I suggest looking at the parts’ balance, which is available on their Beywiki page as well. More balance means better control.

The next step is figuring out which parts you should use to make your Beyblade combo. Here are some things you may want to consider: the type of parts (metal, plastic), their weight, their length, their ability (can they “spin steal” ?) Of course, many other things may affect your choice, but I’m just suggesting some factors to consider.

Now, let’s talk about the weight of the parts. Their weight determines how fast, strong, and agile your Beyblade combo is when it comes to speed, attack and control. For example, using metal ( heavy ) parts instead of plastic ( light ) parts will give your Beyblade combo more weight. So if you want to have a fast, agile and robust Beyblade combo, it would be wise to use metal parts instead of plastic ones.

As you can see, making a good Beyblade combo isn’t that hard. All you need to do to make a good Beyblade combo is speed, attack and control. And, as you can see, having those three things requires that the parts you use are fast, strong and agile. And finally, as you can see, there aren’t many factors to consider when making a good Beyblade combo.

Does the article make sense? No? Also, check the following tips. I hope this will work for you.

  1. You first need to pick the Beyblade that will act as your launcher.
  2. Next, choose a Beyblade for your right-hand side – this will be the “right-side” of your combo and should always attack from the right-hand side of the other opponent’s blade (this means it will hit on either their left or right side).
  3. Choose a second Beyblade for your left-hand side – this will also always attack from the opposite side of where it hits another blade. Still, attacks from its right or left instead (so if it’s attacking an opponent’s blade coming in from their left, then it would go at them with an attack coming in on their right).
  4. Finally, choose one more Beyblade to put under each arm in order to protect yourself when you’re not launching an attack – these are called “defence blades”.
  5. Make sure that all three blades have different weights so they can’t just spin around together, no matter how they’re facing!
  6. You’ll want to find out what type of combos work well against any given kind of defence by doing some research online.

Final Words:

We’ve shown you how to make a good Beyblade combo, but there are still some nuances that can help improve your skills. The best tip I have is to practice because the more time you spend with it, the better your combos will become! So remember these tips and keep practising for even better results in no time.

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