How to Identify Original Beyblade! Tips & Guide

Nowadays, like many other toy fads, Beyblades are fast becoming very popular. These toys are known for their unique design and competitive battle play system, compared to top-end racket games or western sports such as tennis or badminton. However, unlike the physically demanding nature of these sports, in Beyblade, you control the blade. At the same time, it spins through a predetermined course against your opponent’s blades. Therefore, the quality of any sport comes down to considering playing performance, which is why I have decided to talk about this today.

Beyblade has been around for quite some time now, but lately, there seems to be an influx in the number of fakes in the market. This makes it harder for newcomers to know what is original and what is not and how to identify original beyblade. Of course, this results in most of them being cheated out of their money by unscrupulous sellers, who exploit the lack of knowledge among the customers about distinguishing between fake Beyblades and original ones.

  So today, I have decided to put together a list that will help you identify original Beyblades amidst fakes Beyblades available in the market.  It will ensure that your time and energy are spent on play rather than wasted on trying to figure out which blades are genuine or not. Now without further ado, let me get started with my first tip, which is quite apparent, but for those who don’t understand, here it is-

  1. The Box it comes in:

                              This might sound quite stupid to you, but yes, the box in which your Beyblade’s package comes in actually has a great deal of information about what you are buying. If the box has any spelling mistakes or is just plain messy, the chances are that it is not an original blade. On the other hand, if its font and design seem professional and all the corners of the packaging appear sharp and intact, it is most likely to be original. Also, if there is some extra material stuck around on the box, I would suggest that your blade isn’t genuine.

Now we move on to tip number two-

  1. The design on the box:

          Here again, the box acts as a door to what is inside of it. Suppose you flip, open your Beyblade’s package and look inside. In that case, you will find that there is some information about the blade that is actually printed on the inside flap of its packaging. This means that if this design seems sloppy or childish in any way, then the chances are that it isn’t an original Beyblade.

On the other hand, if it has all kinds of unique symbols or designs surrounding its name, it is not genuine because most original blades only list their names with possibly one unique symbol. So basically, what I’m trying to say here is that if you look inside the package and see something printed on its flap, then it might not be real. At the same time, if all you find is the actual blade with no design or symbols on it, then your product is probably original.

              I bet some of you are already familiar with this tip, but for those who aren’t, let me explain further? The little notch at the bottom edge of the box, which tells you where to open it, is actually one essential detail about whether or not your product is genuine or not. Unfortunately, because there are many counterfeits in the market today, most of them come packed in boxes without any such notch. This means that they will only open either from one corner or through a slit in the bottom edge of the box. Also, some blades get packaged without any such notch, just like mine …but you need to be careful because these types of boxes often come with fake blades inside them.

  1. The Inner part of their boxes:

a) The Logo: Most of you might not have noticed, but if you look carefully at some TSBs, you will see that there are words printed inside their boxes just below their logos written in dark ink. Now while most Original Beyblades don’t have any such logo or writing, some counterfeit ones do! This means that frequently originals will only have a drawing of their logo. But, at the same time, counterfeits too may come with these writings…So it’s kind of difficult to identify whether a TSB is original or not if its logo is printed only.

b) Inner trays: Another common difference between originals and counterfeits is that some original ones come with inner trays while the fake doesn’t. For example, suppose you look carefully at any TSB boxes. In that case, you will notice two separate layers inside them by another cardboard piece, which goes all the way up to the top edge.

Now, if your box doesn’t have this second layer, there is the chance that it isn’t genuine, but if it does, then be very careful because most fakes also come with inner trays…So once again, it’s kind of difficult to distinguish between the two.

c) The bottom part:

Most fakes and originals look identical from the outside; when you open their boxes, you will notice that both types show differences at the bottom (besides the lack of trays in originals). While some counterfeits come with slightly darker cardboard than others, some originals also have this feature. So to put it simply, if your box shows a lighter shade, then there is a high chance that it’s not genuine, but if it’s darker, it probably is an original. And, another important thing, outer layers of all genuine Beyblades are darker than their inner ones, so darker boxes come with the original product.                   

d) The hole at the bottom:

                                Another very important detail that can help you distinguish between these two types of packaging is that while all originals have only one single hole in the centre of their base, most counterfeits come with two and their second ones larger than the first. So this means that both – fake and genuine boxes may come with two holes, but what makes them different is how big or small they are… So if it has a bigger bottom hole, then there is a chance that it’s fake; however, if it’s smaller, it’s definitely an original. (which reminds me of another way to identify originals, and that’s to look at their ‘indents’).                        

e) The colour of the box: Most Beyblades, both originals and counterfeits, come in only one colour variation, but there are some exceptions such as Bull Metal Wheel or Glaive Dragoon etc., which usually have two different shades. So if your TSB has a darker shade, then it’s probably an original, while fakes may come in lighter tones too.

However, suppose your TSB has a different shade. In that case, you can check out my other articles regarding this topic and figure it out from there. And the last thing I want to add here is that originals like Dark Wolf’s box or Tiger Defenser’s one will often be slightly larger than fakes and will also show their logo and stills in dark ink. At the same time, most counterfeits usually have the same size and come with printing issues such as not having enough colours printed.

Final Words:

After reading this blog post, I am confident you will be able to identify the original Beyblade. When it comes down to finding out if your Bey is fake or not, always refer back to these guidelines and take a good look at that spinning top! Remember what we said about distinguishing between genuine and knock-off parts? It’s all here in one place for you.

With some simple tricks like checking the product’s weight on different scales, examining which screws are used on the toy itself, looking for glue around edges of pieces or any other possible signs of poor quality manufacturing processes – taking apart an item can reveal many details about its authenticity. If you need help identifying whether your Beyblades are authentic or not, feel free to contact us.

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