How to Make a Defense Beyblade

My kids are always asking me to buy them more toys and games, but I don’t know where they would store them. That’s why when my son asked me for another Beyblade toy, I just couldn’t say yes. But then I found out how easy it is to make one with some simple materials. So now he has his own defense Beyblade game that he can take anywhere in the world!

Now my son doesn’t have to ask me every day if we can go back over to the toy store because he knows that building his own will keep him occupied longer and help him develop skills like patience which is essential.

I am here to tell you about how I made a  defense Beyblade.

What are defense Beyblades?

– defense Beyblades are defense-type Beyblades that have the ability to defend themselves from being broken by an opponent’s attack very easily. This can be achieved with the help of defense parts in them. Therefore, they are usually heavier than the other types of blades, launchers, and beystadiums.

How does defense Beyblade work?

– defense type blades can defend themselves from being broken very easily. defense parts found in defense Beyblades give them this power; a defense type blade with a metal tip rather than a plastic or rubber one is more likely to defend against an opponent’s attack.

This is because the metal tip of defense Beyblades can survive against any opponent’s attack and returns the attack right back onto the attacker.

In addition, defense parts like the defense ring (found on top of defense type blades) also give defense type blades the ability to defend themselves from being broken. Defense rings are found at the top of the defense Beyblade, and they protect their defense parts and metal tip from being damaged.

Finally, defense type blades also have a higher defense than attack, meaning defense Beyblades have defense more than their attack power which means defense type Beyblade will win over attacker type Beyblade in the battle.

Why should I make a defense Beyblade?

 If you are having problems with your Beyblade or think your blade is not good enough, I recommend making a defense Beyblade. That means that the Beyblade has high stability, and it cannot get out easily (it will take some good hits till it gets out).

Defense Beyblades can’t attack that well, but it’s okay if the opponent has a powerful Beyblade and/ or attack type. If you want to use your defense Beyblade as a counterattack or surprise, I recommend it have some metal wheel. That means that attacks will cause some minor damage. Like if you use a rubber wheel, it will take the hit but still lose some energy!

how to make a defence beyblade?

I’ve heard a lot of people asking for a guide on how to make a defense Beyblade, so here’s an easy step-by-step guide. I hope it helps! 🙂

Step 1:

Put together two different Beyblades in a way that they would make one large Beyblade. To do this, you need to remove the fusion wheels and the metal blades from both of them; this will allow for easy assembly.

Put 2L 2R 4H 4B

2L is the left-most Fusion Wheel from Layer L.

2R is the right-most Fusion Wheel from Layer R.

4H is the left-most Metal Blade from Hard Metal Layer H.

4B is the right-most Metal Blade from Hard Metal Layer B.

Using a layer is optional, but this allows for better defense against spin stealers and tops that take out multiple layers.

Step 2:

Put together the four parts of each fusion wheel included in your Beyblade; these are the rubber, core, precise wheel, and metal flat tip. The best way to do this is to take apart one layer at a time. You should have two inner rings, two outer rings, and two rubber rings.

Put a rubber ring on the core, then the core in the outer ring, and finally another rubber ring on top of it all to make a sandwich with your parts. Put this together with one of each part respectively from each fusion wheel. Make sure that you put them as close as possible to avoid any holes between them. This does not need to be as secure as the first fusion wheel as it will only support itself and does not have weight against it.

Step 3:

Put together the four parts of each metal blade. This is similar to putting together the Fusion Wheels, with metal blades instead of rubber and cores. Again, ensure that you put them as close as possible to avoid any holes between them.

Step 4:

Put both layers onto your flat metal tip and press the two pieces together until they lock.

Step 5:

Put your Beyblade back together and enjoy!

You can not make a Beyblade with only one fusion wheel. Beyblades are made up of two layers, each containing one set of Fusion Wheels and Metal Blades. Each layer has its weight to add momentum when they collide, which makes the system difficult to stop or spin. Therefore, layers are recommended as they also cover any holes between the Fusion Wheels.

But there are some pros and cons of using layers:


The weight on each layer gives defense

Each layer distributes the impact from a strong attack onto both metal blades and fusion wheels. They are propped up by their weight, making it harder for your opponent to stop your Beyblade if done correctly.


Each Layer makes it harder to get the perfect amount of force to make your Beyblade hit its peak performance levels. Each layer adds weight which can slow down spin time, also known as speed or high speed.

The Fusion Wheels are responsible for collisions with your opponent. They often have a plastic core which is referred to as a grip. These are included in all of the Fusion Wheels; there are 13 different types. The grip is installed onto the Metal Frame, which contains an axle for your Beyblade’s spin track and its blades.

Metal Blades attach directly to the metal frame, and they have grooves that help with movement while spinning and they also have a tip that helps with collisions; this is called the Sharp Tip.

There are different types of rubber rings, each made to fit on one specific fusion wheel. They try to increase grip and momentum during battles. These rubber rings can be replaced as needed once your current ones begin to wear out.

How it works:

When two Beyblades collide, the blades on your layer will hit your opponent’s layer. The rubber rings make this possible; if they touch each other, your blades can not spin.

If you are using layers, then the impact will not take out multiple Fusion Wheels and Metal Blades at once because of how they are stacked up. The rubber rings will absorb the majority of the impact, but they are not strong enough to stop a strong attack by themselves. This is why you need blades on your layer.

The Fusion Wheel (FW) is responsible for deflecting an opponent’s powerful attacks and allowing your layer’s blades to make contact with their layer. It also helps increase momentum.

The Metal Blade (MB) is responsible for taking an opponent’s powerful attacks and keeping your layer’s blades spinning. It also helps increase momentum.

There is a slight blur at the start of each battle before both Beyblades are released onto the Beylogger machine. This allows them to get up to speed without being hit by the other Beyblade’s attack.

When your Beyblade reaches high speeds, it can start activating its own part’s abilities and effects. When they activate depends on what wheel is in front of the blade and what weight is behind them (the FW and MB). What wheel and weight they’re activated by also depends on the type of Beyblade.

When two Beyblades collide, you should aim for one of two effects to happen:

For the layer to deflect the attack by hitting its blades against your opponent’s layer, it will cause it to lose momentum and spin time while simultaneously deflecting them away from itself. For the MB to take the impact of the attack, which will stop your layer if its blades are spinning, but it will keep your Beyblade spinning.

If the impact of an attack is too strong, then your Beyblade’s parts may not activate correctly, or they may break.

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand how defense works and how to build a good defense Beyblade.

If you think this guide will help another user, please give it a like and comment below! Thanks for putting your time into reading this article until the end! I hope we helped out some beginners.

Final Words:

A Beyblade is a top spinning toy with two key components, the blade, and the spin track. The blades are usually made of plastic or metal but can also be made from other materials like paper maché. Generally, you start with one piece at a time to build your own custom defense Beyblade! Be sure to make it as durable as possible, so you don’t break it too easily in battle! If this sounds complicated for you (or if you want some help making yours), we have loads of examples on our website where all the steps are laid out step-by-step for easy following. Who will win? You decide! What do you think about these tips?


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