How to Fix Beyblade Performance Tip?

You’re playing with your Beyblade, and it’s not spinning right. What do you do?  The answer is simple; you need to know how to fix the performance tip of the blade. Before I tell you how to fix it, let me first give some information about blades. A blade has two parts: a top (the uppermost layer of metal) and a bottom (which comes in contact with the stadium floor). Blades are made up of three different types of metals: stainless steel, hard plastic, and soft rubber materials. These materials make up the top and bottom layers on each side. When one or both sides lose contact with their respective material during battle, they can’t spin, making them more likely to fly out!

Follow these easy steps below, and your beys will stop wobbling and look brand new again! Now that’s what I call a win-win situation. So let’s get started, shall we?

How to Fix a Beyblade Performance Tip

Beyblades are great toys, but they do have some design flaws. The most notable is that it’s easy for parts to come loose and stop working correctly, especially the tips. This guide explains how to fix a loose Beyblade with missing or damaged components.


Though this process will fix the Beyblade, it will not fix missing parts. The Beyblade will work until you remove or replace components that are still stuck to the other half of the Beyblade. Make sure that your opponent is aware of whether their tip has been damaged before you two battle. If there is any chance that they might lose it, just don’t battle.

1) Check the other tip for damage. The fix works by attaching the broken tip to the working half of the blade. If there is any danger of losing your tip during battle or practice, then fix it first before continuing with this fixing guide. This fix also leaves you vulnerable to attack if your opponent notices your weak tips.

2) Affix the broken tip to the base of the Beyblade with super glue. The fix will not work if you attach it to any other part of the blade, so fix only at the bottom, and make sure that there are no gaps between either half.

3) Let the fix dry overnight.

4) Use a pencil to line up a broken tip onto a blade groove. This fix works best if you use two halves of the same Beyblade because it will have both grooves in line with each other, but any two compatible parts from other Beyblades should work just as well.

5) Wrap a small rubber band around the tip and blade and fix it in place with superglue, but don’t fix it to the pencil line at the top of the tip because you will need to adjust this fix when you use your Beyblade again.

6)  Let dry overnight.

If this method doesn’t work, kindly try the following steps:
  • Check the screws on the Beyblade
  • Grind down the tip of your blade with sandpaper
  • Replace your launcher if it has a design flaw that causes it to launch too high or too far out, which can cause damage to your Beyblade and launcher
  • Use an old toothbrush to scrub off any dirt stuck between blades or on top of blades where they meet at a joint.
  • Sand down any parts of the blade that are rough from wear and tear, so they glide more smoothly across other pieces when spinning them together
  • Try adjusting how you hold onto the Beyblade while launching it – this will change how much pressure is applied to different parts of the blade as well as increase or decrease spin speed for each part of it

What does the tip in a Beyblade do?

The tip in a Beyblade does two things. First, it helps the bey to spin properly without flying off course, and it also has an important defensive role.

Most people assume that the tip does nothing, but it is a vital weapon in the competitive scene. Why? Well, for starters, it’s good to have a bane of destruction on hand when conquering your foes. It also changes how to spin time affects tops and how attack effects can be either enhanced or diminished by weight distribution. Sometimes the tips are used to mimic launcher attacks which end up changing each battle from here onwards.

In my experience, I think they’re most useful for those who launch their Beyblades from the ground and need a little more height, or for those who don’t want their fingers cut by breaking one off right before they launch! Tips are there for you kid no matter what!

What is the best performance tip in Beyblade?

The best performance tip in Beyblade is Metal Flat.

There are many different types of blades, but the most popular ones with people who genuinely want to be the best at anything they do are Metal Flats. Beyblading is about finding your identity, and these metal flats never fail at making you feel good inside every time you use them – victory or defeat. To top it off, they have an excellent balance of power and control that lends themselves to being customized for any player. So go Metal Flat or go home!

Final Words:

We hope this gave you some insight on how to fix a Beyblade performance tip. If not, don’t worry! There are plenty of other blogs out there that can help you with your Beyblades. So keep up the excellent work, and keep spinning like crazy! And remember – it’s all about spin time (and patience)!

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