How to Identify Original Beyblade! Tips & Guide

How To Identify Original Beyblade

Nowadays, like many other toy fads, Beyblades are fast becoming very popular. These toys are known for their unique design and competitive battle play system, compared to top-end racket games or western sports such as tennis or badminton. However, unlike the physically demanding nature of these sports, in Beyblade, you control the blade. At the … Read more

How to Hand Spin a Beyblade! Complete Guide

How to hand spin a beyblade

Hey kids, do you like Beyblades? I bet that’s why you’re on this site right now! If so, then let me show you how to hand spin a Beyblade. It’s super easy, and the best part is that it will help your spinning top stay up longer, which means more battle time for your awesome … Read more