Best Beyblade Stadiums! Reviews and Buying Guide

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved to play with toy cars and Transformers. Yet as my daughter has grown up, the toys she loves to play with are much different from what I enjoyed when I was her age. One of her favourite types of toys is Beyblade stadium sets. These sets come in many colours and styles, but they all have one thing in common: they make playing more fun! This blog post discusses how kids can use their imagination to create worlds for these neat little toys.

My daughter’s love for Beyblade stadiums started early; we often found ourselves at stores like Amazon looking for new ones or trying out ones from other countries on our trips abroad. She always seemed so…

Beyblades are the latest toy craze that is fun for kids and adults alike. However, with a wide variety of Beyblade stadiums to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one will provide hours of entertainment for your child. Spinning tops that battle it out until only one is standing? What’s not to love? So whether you have a budding blader in your house or you want some fabulous family fun time, we’ve rounded up the best of both worlds for you.

Therefore, this list has been created in order to help you select the best Beyblade Stadium on the market today!

List of Top 10 Best Beyblade Stadiums:

1. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-19 Burst Bey Stadium

2. TOYMECA Decagon Battling Tops Stadium

3. BEYBLADE Burst Beystadium

4. Beyblade Super Vortex Battle Set

5. BEYBLADE Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set

6. Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Storm Battle Set

7. Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Vertical Drop Battle Set

8. Beyblade Burst Evolution Switchstrike Battle Tower

9. BEYBLADE Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set

10. BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set

1. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-19 Burst Bey Stadium

TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst B-09 Bay Stadium is the ultimate bey stadium designed considering kids’ choice in mind. It can be used to battle your friends or play alone. The stadium includes a launcher that shoots the Beyblades into action and also features a spinning disc with an LED light at its center that lights up during battles to show you who’s winning!

The set comes with two Beyblades – one for each player – so you can start battling straight away! Each Beyblade has a unique performance tip, which will impact its movement speed and power.

It also features a top-down design that allows easy viewing of the beys as they spin and launch into battle. The stadium also comes with multiple launchers to send your beys spinning into action, plus an exclusive launcher attachment to make launching even faster!

The Burst Bey Stadium features a multi-colored base that can light up or flash, giving you more ways to enjoy your playtime. In addition, it includes two stadiums(upper & lower), two stadium fixing parts, four fences, four fence fixing parts, one bey cord card, and manuals to handle the stadium correctly. Meanwhile, the recommendation is to provide the toys to kinds more than six years old.

  • It includes two stadiums-upper & lower
  • No battery is needed.
  • Superpowered top available
  • It has a ripcord launcher that provides max speed.
  •  They are not recommended for kids less than six years.

2.TOYMECA Decagon Battling Tops Stadium

The TOYMECA Decagon Battling Tops Stadium is an excellent toy for kids. It comes with a big arena that can easily fit 4 to 6 kids. It’s made of high-quality plastic material that makes it durable and safe for children. The size of the stadium is more significant than other battling tops stadiums on the market, so you don’t have to worry about your child being crowded by other players while playing with this one. The stadium also has a non-slip bottom so it won’t slide around on hard surfaces or move when someone pushes against it.

 It is made of durable, non-toxic, and sturdy plastic. In addition, the product has been certified as a children’s product safety from an authorized institution.

The stadium has a dimension of 25.7″ X 24.6″ X 3″, allowing you to move around during playtime freely. In addition, it’s easy to assemble, disassemble and clean after use, making it convenient to store away when not in use.

TOYMECA Decagon Battling Tops Stadium
  • Large size (adjustable with 25 inches bey burst blade)
  • Big Arena (suitable for 4-6 kids)
  • Made with nontoxic & durable plastic
  • It has children product safety certification


  • Not appropriate for kids less than six years old.

3. BEYBLADE Burst Beystadium

Beyblade Burst Beystadium is a battle stadium that is possible to connect with the Beyblade Burst app. The stadium has two modes, one for battles and another one for training.  The Beyblade Burst app works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices and comes with an exclusive top “Duo-Thrust,” which you can launch into action using the launcher and activate unique features in each top.

Beyblade Burst Beystadium is an electronic battling game that lets you launch into action with the Beyblade Burst tops. Launch the top, spin it to hit your target, and then watch it burst into pieces! Collect every part of the Beyblade Burst tops for even more battle combinations.

BEYBLADE Burst Beystadium
  • Available in multiple colours
  • It can control with apps
  • Not so pricely


  • Not appropriate for all ages kids.

4. Beyblade Super Vortex Battle Set

The Beyblade Super Vortex Battle Set is a fun game for fans of all ages to enjoy together!  This Beyblade set includes two exclusionary Legends tops, the Super Vortex (II) Beystadium, 2 (two) Ripcord Launchers, Ray Striker top, Gravity Destroyer, and more!  Gravity Destroyer top can spin both left and, right directions.

The Super Vortex II Beystadium features an electronic light show that illuminates your battle arena with each launch. It is cheap and appropriate for kids as well as aged persons (8 – 99 years).

  • Cheap price
  • Suitable for kids and aged persons
  • Not suitable for kids less than 8 years old.

5. BEYBLADE Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set

Get ready to battle with BEYBLADE Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set. It includes Valtryek (V2 D01 TA06) as well as Kerbeus (K2 D04 TD04) tops, comes with 2 Avatar Attack stadium accessories. The stadium atmosphere is designed for astonishing battle patterns. Additionally, these tops can “burst” into fragments during battles, making the game more exciting!

This pack also includes 2 (two) Beyblade Burst launchers and 2 (two) Burst tops, so you can use them to play right out of the box! By scanning the code on your Energy Layer, you can unleash top in the app (device not included). The app admits for play with combinations of tips to perform well.

  • It includes beyblade burst app.
  • Apps provide combinations of performance tips.
  • Not so pricey
  • Not suitable for kids less than 8 years.

6. Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Storm Battle Set

It’s time to evolve your Beyblades with the Star Storm Battle Set!

It is one of the most fabulous toys for boys. It will provide hours of fun and enjoyment. This toy comes with launchers that will send your Beyblades flying into battle. You can use the Beystadium to launch your Beyblade into action, or you can launch it from other places like tables, chairs, etc. The left side of this toy has two launchers used to launch your Beyblades towards the right side, where there is another launcher that sends them back out again.

It lets you battle with the Energy Layer – Genesis Valtryek V3 and two-part Forge Disc DR26. This set includes a Beystadium, two launchers, two SwitchStrike right-spin tops, and two left/right-spin launchers. In addition, the Energy Layer features a new four-sided design that allows it to attack from multiple angles, while the Forge Disc has a spring blade attack that can send opponents flying.

  • Multi Coloured
  • Cheap Price
  • Suitable for age range 96 months to 1188 months.
  • Not suitable for kids less than 8 years old.

7. Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Vertical Drop Battle Set

The Beyblade BURST Rise Hypersphere Vertical Drop Battle Set is a revolutionary new way to experience the fun of Beyblade! Using your mobile device, you can scan in a code and activate an AR (augmented reality) battle mode that brings your spinning tops to life! Download the free app and battle against other players from around the world. The Beyblade BURST Rise Hypersphere Vertical Drop Battle Set includes two exclusive vertical drop launchers for battling with up to three opponents at once.

Beyblade Battle Set is a Beystadium with two launchers. The stadium has a unique design that allows you to launch your Beys in either direction! In addition, it features the new Hypersphere, which gives you an advantage over your opponent when it comes to spinning power and stamina. Finally, this set includes two battle tops: one for each launcher.

  • Suitable for kids and old ages (8 – 99 years)
  • Made of eco-friendly plastic
  • Cheap in price
  • Not suitable for kids less than eight years.

8. Beyblade Burst Evolution Switchstrike Battle Tower

The Beyblade Burst Evolution SwitchStrike Battle Tower is a revolutionary, battle-ready stadium that lets you launch your favorite Beyblades into the air and watch them rip through the competition! This compact stadium is designed to deliver even more exciting battles than ever before. The SwitchStrike Battle Tower features launchers with two modes: Blast Mode for launching your Beyblades at high speeds and Attack Mode for battling in midair! You can also fire up different types of projectiles from the launcher’s cannon.

It is a fun and exciting toy with multi-colored beys, 2 level Beystadium, switchstrike battling tops (valtryek V3 & ) that spin in the right directions, right-spin launchers, and lots more. It is suitable for ages eight years to 99 years. Additionally, this beystadium is compatible with all Beyblade Burst SwitchStrike tops.

  • Includes two (2) level baystadiums
  • Multi-colored
  • Suitable for age range 8-99 years
  • Provides instruction to use appropriately.
  • Not suitable for kids less than eight years.

9. BEYBLADE Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set

This Beyblade Burst Battle Set offers a motorized stadium that lets you battle with your favorite Beyblade Burst tops. The 2 (two) left-right Launchers can launch up to 3 tops at a time, and the motorized stadium spins automatically for one powerful battle! You can even switch out parts from other Beyblade Burst sets (sold separately) to customize the stadium and launchers. This set includes 2 (two) Beyblade Burst top, 1 (one) motorized Beystadium, 2 (two) right-left Launchers, and instructions.

  • Includes motorized stadiums.
  • Cheap in price
  • Age range 8-99 years
  • Not appropriate for kids less than 8 years old.

10. BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set

The ultimate Beyblade Burst experience! Get ready to launch your battling tops with this awesome Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set. This set includes a Beyblade Burst Beystadium, 2 (two) launchers, right-spin battling tops, and a customizable app. The Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set is compatible with other Beyblade Burst products (sold separately) as well as with iOS and Android devices. Download the free app for battle action and more fun.

With the app, you can scan your top into the stadium to battle it out onscreen! Then, connect with other players through the app and collect more parts to customize your stadium! You can even unlock new content within the app as you play.

  • It is available in affordable price
  • It comes with complete set
  • Attractive color and design
  • No cons found

What is a Beyblade?

A Beyblade is a spinning-top toy invented in Japan. The name “Beyblade” comes from the Japanese words for hurricane and blade.

The object of the game is to do battle with other players’ blades by trying to knock them out of their starting position on a playing surface called a “DuoBowl.” Invented in 1999 by Takao Kasahara, it has been popular among children ever since.

Types of Beyblade:

Beyblades are spinning tops that battle in a stadium. There are four different types of Beyblade: attack, defense, stamina, and balance.

The attack type beyblade is the type that inflicts the most damage on an opponent when it hits.

Attack types, also known as aggressive beys, are the brethren of the speed type. They stand for raw power and maximum attack potential through maximum contact with the stadium, more than enough to burst opponents who choose more defensive builds. As such, they tend to have a significant disadvantage when it comes to stamina, often defying physics and quickly losing balance after repeated hits on top of wear and tear stacking up on the blade. However, their larger mass combined with their more mobile tips can allow them to catch opponents off guard with sudden bursts that can push them into a corner or ring out if timed right.

Defense is the opposite;

it can withstand more damage from its opponent before being knocked out of the stadium. Stamina is neither offensive nor defensive; it wins by wearing down its competition through long battles where both parts remain in play until one part finally loses to the other. Finally, balance has equal attacking and defensive power and wins through a combination of these abilities.

The defense type is probably the most forgotten Beyblade type out there. Why? Because no one uses them that effectively yet. However, it’s not impossible to do so; you need to find a way to use defense types to your advantage!

For example, let’s take Big Bang Pegasis DF145FS. One of his skills (called “Knuckle Shot,” I think) extends his endurance bar twice as much as usual when he wins in an attack-based stadium. So what does this mean? It means you can spam that skill repeatedly without worrying about stamina loss. Sounds great, right? Not really, because everyone will know how to counter that strategy and beat you with other beys quickly enough.

Anyway, besides Big Bang Pegasis, we have the infamous Flash Sagittario 230WD. This bey has high defense and stamina, so it’s almost impossible for any bey to beat him in a straight-up defensive battle. But here is where Flash Sagittario fails: Stamina loss. The problem with this defense type is simple: They lose stamina fast if they’re not spinning around at their top speed nonstop! So if your Flash Sagittario gets knocked away or slowed down, then you can expect that it’ll lose against other types as well as attack types as its endurance bar drains as you try to spin it up again.

Stamina-type Beyblades like these, Dragoon V2, and Metal Driger S are probably the best for balance customizations.

Such Beyblades give good attack and defense capabilities with stamina as an additional factor to make battles last longer. Stamina is what a Beyblade needs to stay on the stadium floor during a battle. Therefore these types of bladers can fight on any surface without being hindered by unstable movement. Their weight distribution makes them great at making sudden turns on right angles, so they excel in close-range combat, too. In addition, they have high speeds as well as some degree of unpredictability which helps them continuously surprise their opponents by changing direction or power whenever needed. In other words, stamina types are very versatile – they can launch powerful attacks if necessary, but they are just as good at avoiding being attacked.

Balance is an attempt to create a shape to help ease balance, usually by making it wider at one base than another. The theory behind this idea seems reasonable but does not give any significant benefit in performance. A larger area will inevitably take more force to tip over or even knock out of alignment. When such devices were made for real spinning tops, they actually did nothing to improve their balance, so there is no reason to believe this would happen with a spinning toy top.

Although balance types look pretty exciting and seem like they may perform well, the design does not affect how successful they are. The blades are generally around the same height as other types, so the overall performance is similar to other Beyblades.

How to Choose Best Beyblade Stadiums for your child?

Choosing the suitable Beyblade stadium for your child can be difficult, especially if you are first time purchasing a Beyblade product. However, if you know how to shop and what to look out for, you should end up with a fantastic item that will help your child grow in Beyblade fandom.

First of all, there are many different stadiums available:

Some come with their own small launchers, while others do not. If you want more than one stadium in the future, I would recommend getting one that comes with its own launcher or buying one separately because they are pretty inexpensive.

You have to consider where you will use the stadium. Do you want to put it on the floor, on a table, or outdoors?

Beyblade is meant for outside battles, so I suggest you get one that can handle being played on grass or dirt without breaking apart.

If you are planning to battle indoors, then there are beystadiums that you can attach your Beyblade onto with suction cups.

Once you decide where and how often the stadium will be used, choose the right size for your child’s age group. This way, they will have more fun playing with their friends because everyone will be using stadiums of similar sizes.

You should also think about what type of material is needed for your kid/students’ favorite game. For example, plastic polycarbonate is mainly used to prepare Beyblade stadiums. So before purchasing it, confirm that the materials are safe for your child.

Lastly, make sure that the area is big enough for all players and their Beyblades. If possible, try playing inside because this way, nobody will get hurt during playtime. However, if you want to battle outside, make sure that no bystanders and/or pets can accidentally enter the arena (if one is made).

I hope this guide helped you choose the best castle for your children to battle in!

Types of Beyblade Stadiums:

Who isn’t familiar with the famous spinning top toy? Beyblades are fun to play with because they spin faster and faster into a metal gyroscope. They are customizable because of their ability to change into different parts, discs, launchers, etc. But have you ever wondered what beyblade stadium might look like when in use? There are many types of beyblade stadiums in the world today made for one or more players at a time. The following paragraphs will present some interesting information about these epic stadium tops! 

1) Competition Stadiums – used in official tournaments

Competition stadiums are just what they sound like: it’s where the better bladers meet up to battle each other head-to-head in an arena. These stadiums can be just a flat circular arena or they can have obstacles for more fun and challenging gameplay. A standard competition stadium is usually large, but not too big as to lose the action of blading!

2) Battle Stadiums – used in casual games

Battle stadiums are smaller than those that are used in official tournaments such as those held by Hasbro and Takara Tomy. Many people use these battle stadiums at home with friends and family since they’re easily portable and fit well on most tables. It’s where many hours of fun can begin!

One-on-one stadium: this is the simplest form of a blading game because there are no teammates involved. There is simply one player versus another player so it’s a battle to see who has great blading skills and the fastest beys! The arena is usually a flat circular platform.

Obstacles Stadium: this type of stadium is for two or more players so there can be some fun chaos to it. It features obstacles such as ramps, half-pipes, and other objects that might be advantageous or dangerous to blade on. An obstacle stadium will surely get everyone riled up with excitement because of the unpredictability of the game!

Multiplayer Stadium: this particular stadium is where there are teams instead of individual players and they play against one another in a team battle! There may only be four people total playing at once (two teams) but any number can spectate while it’s happening! This mode is popular in the Beyblade world because it’s a great way for friends to get together and have fun while blading. 

Beystadiums come in various shapes and sizes, but what makes them unique are their colors and designs depending on which franchise they’re tied to such as Beyblade or Bakugan. There are also areas that can be customized like using tiles or stickers to create something new and original! It all depends on how creative one gets when designing their stadiums. No matter what type of stadium it may be, beyblading is always an epic adventure with many thrills and excitement waiting around every corner!


  1. Can you use any Beyblade in any stadium?

Yes. The differences between the stadiums are in how fast it rotates and their difficulty level for some of the more advanced ones. They’re designed for kids at different stages in life, from beginning to intermediate players. And people who prefer a slower reaction time won’t be penalized because it will take longer before you reach your goal. No matter what stadium or Beyblade rate preference – there’s a perfect match for you!

  1. What makes a good Beyblade stadium?

The key to a good Beyblade stadium is the slope and distance of the blades. This lets you adjust and mix up your strategy and attack in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

It’s essential for stability so to angle them downwards. But keep in mind, you can only see your opponent when he’s on your side because different forks show up at different times, which is why they mustn’t be too far away from each other to where he could sneak his blade in before; you’re even able to react!

Final Words:

I’ve been meaning to write up a blog post about the best Beyblade stadium for my readers. The one you buy can make or break your whole day, so it’s important to know what kind of experience you’re getting into before dropping all that money on something that might not even work well. If you have any specific questions about which is the best Beyblade stadium out there, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer as soon as possible!


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